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Texas has already reduced education funding by $5.4 Billion.  And the current system plans to defund public education stating "We support reducing taxpayer funding to all levels of educational institutions."

I'm for efficient government, but, I believe the anti-education platform adopted by the Republican convention is a threat to the average Texan.  That platform has resulted in a large number of law suits by school districts against the State, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott:  School districts suing Texas Attorney General

The platform includes wording that would create a school voucher system.  A voucher system might appear to be a fair method of distributing education taxes, so parents can select their own school.  But, it is not.  It is a plan to reduce the availability and quality of education to the average citizen while increasing the availability and quality of education for the wealthy.

A West Texas School Superintendent gave me a lesson. What would actually happen, with a voucher system, is average citizens would only have the purchasing power of a lesser school.  The school voucher, from taxes, would also go to wealthy parents who already send their children to private schools.  

So, the wealthy will take their voucher and apply it to the already expensive private school for their children.  The public voucher schools would have less voucher money available in the public voucher school market.  The average citizen will not be able to afford the private school.

Taking the wealthy taxes out of the school system would result in poorer quality public voucher schools that cannot compete with the private school teacher compensation. Public voucher schools would have a higher number of students for each teacher. Instructional materials and facilities would become below quality standards. 

The long term social effect would be to reduce the availability of quality education for the average citizen's children. That will significantly affect future income and upward mobility and make the average citizen more easily politically and economically manipulated. 

I cannot help but think the attacks on education are deliberate and inspired by the memory of high corporate profits from cheap uneducated labor from China, Mexico, and Latin America. Global corporations develop global views and and always have high profit expectations. High profit is achieved by producing low and selling high.  

Global corporations know the future will bring higher energy and transportation costs and they have no national loyalty.  So, they must plan and prepare to produce closer to their customers.  They want future labor costs to be as low as possible.  They want a plentiful supply of poorly educated laborers willing to work for low wages.  The Republican party is supporting that goal by reducing the availability and quality of public education in Texas.

The future will require a good education, for each individual, to create and maintain a quality life.  The Republican threat to education is real in Texas. The future of our children, grandchildren, and theirs could depend on the direction of this public policy. 



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