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Energy, is the issue.  Specifically, fossil energy.  The supply is limited, the logistics are complex, the product is dangerous, and the cost is volatile.  The smartest move is to embark now on a “to the moon” alternative energy and energy efficiency programs.

Start taking the value out of oil and avoid the obvious future resource conflict problem. It will make our homes more affordable, our communities self reliant, and our businesses more competitive, prosperous, and secure.  When we diversify our energy resources and improve the economics of energy utilization, it will change local and world politics.  It will keep more money in your pocket and in your community.

A business powered by an individual solar energy system will be able to predict it’s energy cost years into the future.  Competition that relies on uncertain future costs will not be competitive.  For a system it owns, the business will see an immediate balance sheet and cash flow benefit with an energy resource that becomes an asset.  It will be able to depreciate the solar capital asset.

Why continue to be willingly dependent on a distant and complex energy resource that can quickly become unreliable and expensive? We know and understand the problem and the future?  The resistance comes from those who are invested in the past.  We must each begin to move away from centralized control of energy to energy efficient technologies and highly diversified clean energy sources that will ensure our peaceful and predictable future.

I believe the county should study and determine if any action, such as education, plans, incentives, or legislation support, is warranted to support a better Williamson County energy future.

There are fantastic opportunities in a future with highly diversified decentralized energy production.  And, that is a path for engaging the public dialog.  Taylor, and the surrounding area, spends approximately $100,000,000 on energy every year.  Most of that energy money leaves the community.  The number is much larger when every household in the county is considered.

If we can change that Taylor number by 1%, it is like bringing a $1,000,000 business into Taylor alone.  And that is with no increase in infrastructure cost.

Highly diversified renewable energy is a good investment that will have a positive effect on local economies and will change the distribution of wealth.  More money will stay in each person's pocket.  And that will change politics.  Resistance to that change comes from powerful energy industries and their lobbyist, giving many politicians strong financial reason for not telling the truth about energy, and for not supporting solutions that will benefit the average citizen.


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