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Is Taylor Councilwoman Lopez claiming Ag Exempt on land used for business?

by Tom Mowdy


Taylor, TX, March 27, 2019 -- The email shown below was sent to Taylor Councilwoman Christine Lopez on March 20, 2019.  All other members of the City Council and candidates for District 1 were included in the email.

The email asks Councilwoman Lopez to respond to the current and historical evidence that land she has been claiming to be Agriculturally Exempt, for many years, is actually used for her mowing business. 


Taylor Councilwoman Christine Lopez


As of the publication of this article, Councilwoman Lopez has not responded.

By claiming the land is not being used for her business, Councilwoman Lopez evades paying thousands of $ for business land use and the Taylor Transportation User Fees (TUF) other businesses pay each year. 



Photo link

It appears that Councilwoman Lopez has failed to abide by the Taylor Ethics Code.  Section 10 of the Taylor Ethics Policy provides for punishment and should be considered to prevent Councilwoman Lopez from holding any future public position. 

A government official who is willing to levy taxes on others while making false claims to evade taxes can never be trusted to hold a public office.  



From: TOM MOWDY <>

To:  Christine Lopez

Cc: Brandt Rydell, Mitch Drummond, Robert Garcia, Dwayne Ariola, Herbert Brinkmeyer, GeraldAnderson

Mar 20 at 8:56 AM

Councilwoman Lopez,

Can you help me understand why you are able to operate a business on property that the Williamson County Appraisal district has classified as Agricultural Exempt, in a residential area?

The Wilco rendition for your mowing business, for years, indicates your business equipment is supposed to be located at your residence, your homestead.

However, photos taken over a period of years, show that your business equipment is actually and persistently located on land that you have classified as Agricultural Exempt, not at your homestead.

Your business trucks, trailers, and mowing equipment appear to be serviced and supplied from the building described as a “farm” building to the Wilco Tax Assessor. There is a large commercial parking area, on land you have designated as Agricultural Exempt property. There are parked trucks with the name of your business, mowing equipment, a security camera pole, and three garbage containers next to the farm building.

It appears that a business has been operating from land you have claimed to be Agricultural Exempt for an extended period of time.

Does your business pay proper taxes for that land obviously used for business, and commercial Taylor TUF taxes on that business property?

Your response or refusal to respond will be included in an article on this issue.

Tom Mowdy

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