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Chapter 1: Is Wilco too corrupt to protect children from sexual abuse?


"Is the Wilco legal system too corrupt to protect children from sexual abuse?"

By Tom Mowdy

What happens when the system that is supposed to act in the "best interest of the child," doesn't work?  What if the lawyers, the court appointed guardians, and counselors that are paid to serve the "best interest of the child," are corrupted by their greed for more income, power, and control? 



What if the system really uses the "best interest of the child," to extort money from parents while ignoring medical reports of child abuse.  How can a system that bankrupts parents and ignores abuse be good for any child?

Lawyers, counselors, court appointed paid guardians, and fickle judges, all become key players in the divorce and custody racket.  Those players have detailed divorce and child custody legal system knowledge.  They know how to manipulate parents and the legal system, to their profitable advantage, during a family crises.  

Can those who profit every day, from the emotions and tragedy of divorce and child abuse, be trusted to establish and maintain integrity?  Can greed and political connections lead to ignoring and suppressing clear evidence of child sexual abuse?  Do we have an oppressive predatory system that is causing irreversible harm while claiming to act in the "best interest of the child?"  

The evidence, in more than one Williamson County case, indicates the answer to all these questions is a loud:  Yes! 

During the next few months, I will be researching, collecting evidence, and exposing a corrupt and brutal system that is attacking vulnerable families in Williamson County.  My investigative research and documentation will be published on my corruption fighting web site:

NEXT CHAPTER 2:  "The Wilco child sexual abuse nightmare begins."


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