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Mowdy files deceptive trade complaint against American Arbitration Association and Arbitrator

Tom Mowdy filed a deceptive trade complaint with the Taylor, TX., Police Department, on February 25, 2015, claiming the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and Arbitrator Mathew J. Sullivan charged Mowdy for arbitration services which they failed to provide in an apparent attempt to cover up felony crimes by a lawyer and his client.

Mowdy disputed the payments to AAA through the American Express credit card customer dispute process.  Mowdy's detailed dispute, similar to the criminal complaint, itemized the cover up techniques used by the arbitrator.  American Express agreed with Mowdy and returned $12,377.50, all but $1,700 which was not within the disputable time limits.

Mowdy presents evidence the arbitrator avoided the "Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law" he was paid to determine for the case.  Mowdy won the arbitration but provides evidence the arbitrator knew there was criminal evidence involving the false $113,914.11 claim against Mowdy.  

Mowdys complaint provides detailed evidence there was criminal activity ignored by the arbitrator and the arbitrator protected the contractor who filed the false claim. The arbitrator refused to perform any of the required calculations or provide the facts for specific issues during the arbitration. 

Tom Mowdy was a Democratic candidate for Williamson County Commissioner, Precinct 4, during last November's election. Mowdy based his campaign on what he describes as the Williamson County Culture of Corruption and presents compelling evidence that citizens and their taxes are victims of blatant administrative and judicial corruption in Williamson County.  

Click here to view the deceptive trade complaint. 

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