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Mowdy Responds to Commissioners Letter on Wilco Family Court Corruption





Judge Gattis,

I have received your January 11, 2016, letter with regard to the Texas Association for Children and Families, (TACF).  

You are claiming the Williamson County Commissioners Court is unable to satisfy TACF citizen concerns that there is racketeering in our family courts.  And, in that letter, you advise the Association to ask those who may be complicit to investigate themselves.

TACF knows you do not have certain authority as your letter presents.  And, TACF members have sought help from the agencies you cited.  I have seen TACF's complaint documents and their convincing evidence.  Some of that evidence is contained in six chapters on my anti-corruption web site,   There is evidence child sexual abuse was ignored for profit and much more.

The responses, TACF associates received, from the agencies you cited, were evasive and indicated political control.   In fact the two Republican candidates for Wilco District Attorney have refused to look at the evidence or even respond to TACF.  

The failure of those politically controlled agencies to respond is why TACF citizens appealed to the Williamson County Commissioners on December 1, 2015, and January 5, 2016, to protect families and prevent further harm.  TACF has evidence that those who are supposed to investigate, indict, try, and judge TACF's claims are involved in the racketeering.

I believe TACF expected your public leadership would draw public attention and ensure a fair and just legal system that will stop the family court racketeering.  But, it appears you are hiding behind government regulations to avoid displaying leadership by calling for an investigation.  You are not displaying any concern or taking any initiative to protect Williamson County families in crises.

Not long ago, your court approved a 96% pay raise increase request for the road bond contractors, HNTB and Prime Strategies, with “little discussion.”  Those contractors' pay rate increase requests came only months after they each bid the contract at the much lower rates.   Yet, without question, you immediately approved those political contributors' requests for rate increases.  You approved the spending of millions of taxpayer dollars and could not provide a reasonable justification for that expense.

When your political financial contributors asked for more taxpayer money, your decision was immediate and generously in their favor.  But, when families come asking for your protection and leadership, you are “unable” to respond.  There is clear and convincing evidence that families, children, mothers, and fathers, are being harmed by a predatory system and you remain inert.   

Overall, the evidence indicates you are unwilling to demonstrate personal leadership because you are protecting prominent members of your political party, including court judges.

Again, I ask you to show personal leadership and take action to protect Williamson County families from family court racketeering.   I propose that you hold a special Commissioners Court public session dedicated to hearing family court complaints and examining evidence that can be provided by TACF associates or any Williamson County family court victim.  

I also suggest you review the board membership and performance of CASA of Williamson County.  That organization’s charitable receipts appear proportionally inconsistent with the performance of CASA of Travis County.  CASA of Travis County pays, when necessary, for Ad Litems appointed by the courts.  It seems the leadership of CASA of Williamson County should be aware that the CASA of Travis County’s practice of paying for Ad Litems, when necessary, reduces family court racketeering opportunities.

(NOTE: Further inquiry determined CASA of Travis County does not pay for Ad Litems.  Travis County has a Domestic Relations office that pays for Ad Litems when necessary.  This keeps the judges from selecting their favorites, who support their election campaigns.)

You may not have legal authority, but, you can show leadership and demand a fair and honest legal system for Williamson County citizens.  Williamson County citizens need an investigation to protect Williamson County families from racketeering.  

I support their cause, but I am not a member of TACF.  I have forwarded the letter you sent me to TACF and I have suggested they begin a petition to the Williamson County Commissioners for a special Commissioners Court session to examine the need for protecting Wilco families from destructive court racketeering. 

 TACF has a Facebook page and their email address is:  TACF has a go fund me FB account to support their efforts to stop the family court corruption. 


/s/ Tom Mowdy



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