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Open Records Request on Taylor City Attorney Ethics Problem


May 31, 2019, Taylor, TX. --  On May 29, I published an article that provided undeniable evidence that the Taylor City Attorney, Mr. Ted Hejl, violated the Taylor Ethics Code and legal ethics by filing a lawsuit on behalf of a unit of Taylor government against a client he also legally represented. 

That behavior is fully documented, an ethics violation, and is an inexcusable breakdown of law and order in the community.   

The article contained documented information that clearly suggests the Taylor City Attorney failed to act on reported felonies against a unit of government created by the City of Taylor in order to protect his client Mr. Komandosky.

The article was sent to each Taylor Council member.  I believe the Taylor community should know if any questions were asked by our Council members and the nature of any discussions on this matter.  I therefore made the following open records request.


SUBJECT:  Public Information, open records, request.


May 31, 2019, Taylor City Clerk

Ms. Diana Barber:

1.  Under the provisions of Texas public information, “open records,” I request the following information:

2.  Email, phone text, or other written text containing any questions to or discussion between any Taylor City Council member, other Taylor Council members, and the Taylor City Attorney containing any of the following described information dated May 29, 2019, through May 31, 2019:

a.   Information about lawsuit(s) filed by the Taylor City Attorney for the Taylor Housing Authority.

b.  The Taylor City Attorney, Mr. Ted Hejl, ethics, the Taylor Ethics Policy, and “Conflict of Interest.”

c.   Any reference to Mr. Ed Komandosky, or the President of the Lower Brushy Creek Water Control Improvements District.

d.  Legal work performed by the City Attorney’s law office for the Lower Brushy Creek Water Control Improvements District.

e.  Questions or remarks concerning the organizational relationship between the Taylor Housing Authority and the City of Taylor.

3.  Please acknowledge receipt of this information request by email to the sender.

Thank You,

Tom Mowdy


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