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TACF Calls for Wilco Family Court Racketeering Investigation

TACF Challenges District Attorney Candidates

to Investigate Williamson County Family Court Racketeering


By Tom Mowdy


The Texas Association for Children and Families (TACF) wrote an email to the candidates for Williamson County District Attorney seat requesting they each call for a Wilco “family court racketeering” investigation. 

Both candidates for the Wilco District Attorney position, Jana Duty and Shawn Dick, are Republicans.  Jana Duty is the incumbent.  There are no other candidates for the Wilco District Attorney position.  No Democrat or independent candidates means the Wilco District Attorney race will be determined by the Republican primary vote on March 1, 2016. 

TACF is requesting the District Attorney candidates commit to requesting an external law enforcement agency like the Texas Rangers, or a Federal agency conduct the investigation at the District Attorney’s invitation. 

TACF indicates the family court corruption exists with the knowledge and acceptance of the current Williamson County leadership.  Therefore, to be valid, the investigation must be conducted by a qualified external law enforcement agency.

A copy of the email letter to Jana Duty and Shawn Dick is at this link:  TACF Email to Jana Duty and Shawn Dick.

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