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TACF Seeks Wilco Commissioners Help with Family Court Racketeering


By Tom Mowdy



The Texas Association for Children and Families (TACF) sent an email to the Williamson County Commissioners on December 10, 2015 requesting assistance and protection from Williamson County family court racketeering. 

Ms. Birkman is the Williamson County Commissioner for Precinct 1.  Some members of the TACF made a presentation to the Wilco Commissioners Court on December 1, 2015. 

The letter speaks for itself:

“Ms. Birkman,

      We are a nonprofit, unincorporated association of families and citizens who have an interest in protecting the rights of families.  We have investigated and documented a pattern of racketeering activity in your courts that spans nearly a decade, and possibly longer.  We have urged the victims to come forward to see if you can assist them, particularly the children who are currently in danger due to the actions of an enterprise of individuals who have conspired to use court appointments in Williamson County as a vehicle to extort money from families.

Their tactics are particularly aggressive towards three families that have made contact with our association and are unable to email you themselves due to being placed under unconstitutional "gag orders" and "motions to enjoin" that prohibit them from complaining to anyone, including licensing boards or the media, about the extortion and threats they are living under.  In addition, some of our members have experienced retaliation when they could no longer meet the financial demands of the extortion, and fear further retaliation if they come forward.  Since the jurisdiction of your court over their lives spans eighteen years or more, many of the victims have learned to "keep their head down" to avoid retaliation.

We are writing to you on behalf of the individuals who cannot or are simply too afraid to write you themselves.  We are interested in starting a dialogue to learn more about how you can help, and if you have any administrative powers to create a safe, retaliation-free space where our members can be assured they will not be jailed or have their custody rights terminated in Williamson County for complaining about this gross and illegal misconduct to you.  If you are able to guarantee this, there are more victims with evidence to back up their claims.  In some instances, judges have even placed gag orders on individual pieces of evidence in possession of the parties, such as video or audio recordings.

 There is also an issue where families are being denied transcripts to block appeals, even though they have paid to expedite the transcripts many months ago and submitted many formal requests for the transcripts.  Please let us know if there is anything you can do to facilitate the receipt of transcripts to the families being denied them.

 We have been contacted by several "whistleblowers" to include two local attorneys who are in possession of powerful evidence to support the claims of all the victims, to include audio recordings and email evidence.  There is also evidence of transcripts being "doctored" to protect members of the enterprise from prosecution, and email admission from the two courts that they have done so, as well as the "before and after" transcripts.  

 Please let our association know how we might safely facilitate an introduction between victims the Judges have placed gag orders on, and victims who are rightfully too afraid to come forward after many years of civil rights and human rights violations in your courts, and an administrative body with the power to ensure they will not have to live in fear for revealing the substantial harm that has been done to them and their children.


Texas Association for Families and Children (TACF)”

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