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Taylor Mayor should Demand Wilco District Attorney explain crimes.

Taylor Housing Authority Crimes

May 23, 2019, City Council -



On October 2, 2014, the Office of the HUD Inspector General published an investigation report providing details of major felony crimes committed by known suspects in Taylor against the Taylor Housing Authority (THA).  The value of the crimes have exceeded $9 million and the crimes are continuing today.

THA was created by Taylor City Council based on a stated need for affordable housing necessary to support the community effort to prevent crime and diseases associated with slums.  

Unscrupulous elected and appointed officials, to include the Taylor City Attorney, have obviously organized to support the fraudulent theft of assets and continued theft of money from THA.   They have engaged in a lengthy effort to manipulate public opinion and a deliberately feeble civil law suit that enables continuing criminal profit at the expense of Taylor Citizens.

Taylor Mayors to include Mayor Jessie Ancira and Mayor Brandt Rydell and other council members know about these crimes and have abandoned their sworn oaths and principles.  They support the crimes by ignoring the truth.  Mayor Ancira, and now Rydell have continuously refused to demand a full and competent criminal investigation into the $ multi-million crimes.  Both of those Mayors know and have associated, for years, with individuals who have been implicated in those crimes.

The Mayor of Taylor should formally and publicly demand the Williamson County District Attorney explain why these multi $ million felony crimes and obvious public official corruption have not been investigated or prosecuted.


Statement of City of Taylor’s Losses:  (click each for supporting data)

>  $4,000,000…..   Stolen assets.

>  $1,400,000…..   Missing cash flow

>  $700,000……..   Continuing annual cash flow

>  $400,000……..   Legal fees

> $500,000………    Continuing annual excessive hidden salaries and compensation to manage 104 apartment




·         Taylor Municipal Housing Authority is a unit of government created by the City Council under the provisions of Texas Local Government Code (TLGC) 392.


·         The Attorney General (AG opinion DM-71) and Texas Courts, since 1954, have determined and confirmed that municipal housing authorities are divisions of the creating municipality: 

"Texas authorities presented with the issue have uniformly held
municipal housing authorities to be “divisions” of municipalities and, as such, subject to the laws applicable to municipalities. Mm v. Housing Auth of Dallas, 266 S.W.2d 487 (Tex. Civ. App.--Dallas 1954, writ refd n.r.e.); Aemu Casualty & Surety Co. v. Glidden Co., 283 S.W.2d 440 (Tex. Civ. App.-Eastland 1955), rev’d on other groti, 291 S.W.2d 315 (Tex. 1956); Attorney General Opinions JM-687 (1987); JM-573 (1986); MW-132 (1980)."

·         The Taylor Mayor is assigned the authority, by Texas law, to appoint the municipal housing authority commissioners.


·         The Mayor of a municipality has the authority to remove a municipal housing authority commissioner. 

Extract from Texas Local Government Code 392:

Sec. 392.041. REMOVAL OF A COMMISSIONER. (a) The mayor may remove a commissioner of a municipal housing authority for inefficiency, neglect of duty, or misconduct in office.

·         Taylor municipal housing authority is required to provide an annual report to the city council on the previous year activity and recommendations for City legislation.  No such report has ever been provided to the Taylor City Clerk.

Extract of Texas Local Government Code 392:

Sec. 392.062.  REPORTS.  (a)  At least once a year, each housing authority shall file a report of its activities for the preceding year and make recommendations for additional legislation or other action it considers necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

(b)  A municipal housing authority shall file the report with the clerk of the municipality.  A county housing authority shall file the report with the county clerk.  A regional housing authority shall file the report with the county clerks of the counties in the authority.


·         The THA board minutes dated March 12, 2013, prior to the HUD OIG report, contain a statement from the President of the Board that the City Attorney, Ted Hejl, is “looking into the separation” of assets from the THA. 


·         The Taylor City Attorney, Ted Hejl, did not notify the Mayor or report the crimes to any law enforcement.


·         An anonymous tipster notified the HUD OIG there were financial problems at THA.


·         The HUD OIG investigated.  The October 2, 2014 report found criminal activity, $ millions missing and a large continuing loss occurring under the noses of the THA Board. 


·         The HUD OIG report identified the suspect(s), losses, and methods, and probable cause to suspect multi-million $ crimes had been and were in progress.


·         The Taylor Mayor, Jesse Ancira, refused to attend the final HUD OIG briefing, claiming THA was not part of the City of Taylor.


·         The THA Board has never reported the losses identified by the HUD OIG as a crime.


·         Two current Commissioners now on the THA board, Roy Rangel and Benito Gonzales, were on that board when the assets and money became missing.


·         One current Commissioner, Don Hill, was the Mayor, as the crimes were in progress.


·         Three individuals who were on or had influence over the THA board when the crimes were committed are now members of the THA board and control all matters of the crimes.


·         A member of the non-profit entities, that are illegally controlling the THA assets was formerly a member of the THA board.    As shown by FY 2016 From 990s, former Council and THA Commission member, Ed Komandosky, is the Chairman of Taylor Sunset Housing and Mallard Run Housing non-profits.   The HUD OIG determined those two non-profits illegally acquired and now control the THA assets. 


·         The Taylor City Attorney filed a civil suit only after knowledge of the HUD OIG became public. The City Attorney did not notify the Mayor or demand a criminal investigation.


·         The THA crimes have never been reported to any Texas law enforcement entity by the City Attorney, the THA Board, or any City official.


·         One citizen reported the THA felony crimes to the Taylor Police Department.  That report was ignored. 


·         The felony crimes continue today, each time rent is collected from Mallard Run and Sunset Housing Development.


·         Mallard Run and Sunset non-profits are required, by law, but do not list the recipients of excessive income and retirement contributions.


·         The THA crimes and losses have and will continue to negatively impact the Taylor community well being, public confidence in law and order, confidence in elected and appointed officials, and government.  The THA failure is evidence citizens cannot trust their government.



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