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The Arbitrator Refused to Perform Some Duties

Although Mowdy won the arbitration case which determined the contractor's claim was false, the arbitrator lied about some of his findings.  Those lies were costly to Mowdy.  The document below was submitted to the arbitrator, Mathew J. Sullivan under the American Arbitration Association rules for modification of the findings.  Mr. Sullivan ignored the document and refused to clarify his findings in spite of his obvious attempt to protect the contractor's attorney and the contractor.

The document below, is a request for clarification was sent to the American Arbitration Association for the case.  The arbitrator refused modification.  Mowdy disputed the arbitrators charges for the reasons explained below and in the Attorney General complaint.  American Express credit card, where Mowdy charged the fee, agreed with the evidence and refunded the $12K arbitrator's fee to Mowdy.



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