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The Williamson County Commissioner's Tax Scam For Special Interest

The Williamson County Commissioner's

Tax Scam for Special Interest


Williamson County Commissioners raised taxes and are trying to fool you with campaign literature claiming your tax rate is lower today than when they first took office.  That is technical scam talk.  They haven't raised the rate, but, your appraised value has been increased which results in you paying much higher taxes.  

Don't let them fool you.  When you pay more in taxes than the years before, your taxes have been raised.  No matter what illusion they try to cast, count your money and that will tell the truth.  The scam demonstrates they will not be honest now, or in the future. 

Since 2009, our current County Commissioners increased farm and road taxes by 133.33% and Williamson County taxes by 69.87%.  These are facts confirmed by the Williamson County Tax Assessor-Collector on the tax bill I just received from the county.  




No matter what my opponent will say, your Wilco tax bill tells the truth.  I have attached my tax bill for a residential lot I own in Taylor.  The truth is on the back of the bill.  There are two middle sections that show county tax facts.

The bottom line of the Williamson County section shows that since 2009, county taxes have increased by 69.87% and county FM/RD taxes have increased by 133.33%.    When you pay more than before, then your taxes have been increased and those commissioners have more money to spend. 

And, they are spending that tax money as fast as they can on their friends.  In January 2014, they awarded major political contributors the road bond construction contracts.  Four months later, in May 2014, the Williamson County Commissioners gave those major campaign contributors a 96% contractor pay rate increase. Just one engineer position description now makes $283.25 per hour, after the 96% pay increase.

That pay rate is an annualized salary of $589,160.00 for one of many engineers on our road projects. indicates top quality engineers are making an average of approximately $130,000.00 per year.  Allowing a 40% overhead and profit load on a fair rate, we are overpaying by at least $407,160.00 for each of those engineer positions. 

Where is that money going?  That isn't hard to figure.  84% of my opponent's campaign donations come from the engineering and real estate community.  51% of his donations come from outside Williamson County. 

Those campaign contributors are "investing" and expect a return on their investment.  Thanks to our current commissioners, the Williamson County citizens are, and will be, paying those investors their unreasonable dividends for years to come.  Williamson County taxpayers are being scammed by the Wilco Commissioners Court.

The current county commissioners are claiming to be "conservatives" while increasing taxes by as much as 133.33% since 2009 and giving their political investors a 96% contractor rate increase.  We can stop this by replacing our current commissioners with honest, transparent, and financially responsible decision makers who will act in the best interest of the citizen and not those seeking influence and unreasonable profit from citizen taxes.

I have a proven 45 year record of honest government, business, and combat military service.  I have and will always protect and act in the best interest of the citizen.  I urge you to visit my web site, and get to know me.  I do not take campaign contributions from special interests because my interest is what's best for the Williamson County citizen.  

The polls are open for early voting October 20 - 31.  Election day is November 4.  Please do your research, get the facts, and vote for your best interest. 

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