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Fighting for Freedom

A collection of photos from my Vietnam experience and family military history.
The Chicago Tribune sent Ridgley Hunt to write a story on my Vietnam unit, B Company 227th Assault Helicopter Battalion.  This is the cover for the magazine. We lived in tents surrounded by sandbags to provide protection from rocket attacks.
In front of my tent at Camp Evans in northern South Vietnam, 1968. In the pilots seat.
A UH-1C Charlie Model gunship in a protective revetment. A combat assault in progress.
Combat assault in progress. Troops deploying under fire.
Troops deploying under fire. Picking up a downed gunship crew.
Short final into a hot landing zone. A news article on my father, Tom Mowdy Sr., from Smokey Hill AFB, after World War II.
A wounded pilot returns to base Thumbs up, the pilot survives the mission.

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